excellence FOR Over 140 years

The Wolf’s Head Oil Company has been producing high-quality and high-performance lubricating products for well over 140 years. Wolf’s Head lubricants continue to meet or exceed all accepted industry standards, and have done so since 1879.

How we Started

Like Wolf’s Head, the modern oil industry was born in the bustling communities in and around Oil City, Pennsylvania. Wolf’s Head was an integral part of the original “Pennsylvania Crude” lube oil phenomenon. From its humble beginnings, Wolf’s Head has continuously grown and flourished thanks to its loyal and knowledgeable following who have come to expect not only superior performance, but exceptional value.

The lubricant industry has matured, and so has the expectations of the dedicated Wolf’s Head enthusiast. Consistent with Wolf‘s Head’s proud history and reputation for cutting-edge lubricant technology, today’s Wolf’s Head products are skillfully blended in a sophisticated, state-of-the-art production facility. Wolf’s Head’s strategic location on a deep water dock in the Port of Tampa, Florida allows for access to the finest quality components from all parts of the globe, and efficient distribution throughout America and around the world.